There are many benefits to using a baby carrier, some we all have in common, others will of course vary from person to person. The important thing to remember is we are all different, you dont have to tick all the boxes so to speak in order to want to carry your baby. For some it is about bonding or a clingy baby, for others it is simply more practical than a pram or buggy. Whatever your reasons we are here to help you find a carrier that is comfortable, safe and meets your needs. The below lists are not exhaustive!


Provides them comfort and security.

Promotes bonding and can help in the establishment of breastfeeding if that is your chosen feeding method.

Helps to regulate heart rate, breathing and temperature (many Neonatal or Special Care units promote Kangaroo care for this reason). Especially useful if your little one is unwell or clingy.

The rocking motions experienced when your'e walking with baby in a sling can help with colic.

Babies with reflux benefit from being upright following a feed, using a carrier can be a great help for this.

Babies who are ccarried regularly have been shown in studies to cry 40% less.

It can allow for soothing when needed but also allows baby to see the world around them. As they get older it gives them an opportunity to experience the world whilst still having the comfort of a parent or caregiver.


It can be far more convenient when shopping, using public transport or if you live in a flat apartment and dont want to carry a pram up and down stairs, these are just a few of the ways carrying is convenient.

For toddlers or older children having a sling tucked away in your bag can be handy for when they decide they no longer want to walk.

Did we mention they cried less?

Carriers are hands free meaning you can get on with household chores or play with your older children at the same time as providing your baby with comfort and closeness when they just want to be held.

It encourages bonding.

Many parents say they feel more in tune with their baby and therefore feel more confident.

there have been several studies suggesting that sling use reduces or can help with post partum depression, due to oxytocin release, bonding and many of the other reasons mentioned above.