Free Stretchy Wrap / Close Caboo Hire for anyone who cares for a baby under six weeks old.

Our free Stretchy Wrap / Close Caboo hire is for all parents and carers who have a baby under six weeks old (or premature babies under six weeks corrected). We want to make slings accessible early on so the benefits of carrying can begin as soon as possible! The benefits of close contact in the early weeks include the building of a strong and secure attachment relationship with the primary caregivers, building the foundation of strong and resilient future mental health for the child with the added bonus of giving parents and carers their hands back.



How does it work?


Come along to one of our library sessions where one of our volunteers will demonstrate how to use the stretchy wrap and make sure you know how to use it safely before you go. We do have new-born dolls for you to practice with!


You can then hire the stretchy wrap for a month (subject to availability – as we’ve just started we only have ten available).


All stretchy wraps are loaned with instructions and an online manual. Don’t worry if you need help and support when you’ve left the library session – you can contact us via Facebook or email with any queries.

A £15 deposit (refundable) needs to be paid at the start of the hire and some form of identification is required. This can be paid by cash, bank transfer or PayPal.



What happens when the month is up?


When you return the stretchy wrap, there are three options available:-


The £15 deposit will be refunded in full.

The £15 can be used to pay for a further two month hire of the stretchy wrap or one month’s hire of any carrier (not just limited to stretchy wraps) – you can send us a Facebook message or email if you want to extend the hire to three months without you having to come back to the library session. 

You can donate the £15 back into the free stretchy wrap hire – your money will be used to purchase another stretchy wrap!



Please note that if you don’t return the stretchy wrap then the deposit is forfeit and we reserve the right to charge for the cost of replacement should you fail to return your stretchy wrap within a certain time frame.


As we want to make this available to all, please just contact us via Facebook or by email if you are unable to pay a deposit.